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Free Facebook Office Hours for Admissions Offices This Summer

June 4, 2013

The admissions season has quieted down a bit. You're done with travel season. You're done reading applications. May 1 has come and gone. Now you have a little time to come up for air, maybe squeeze in some vacation time, and get ready for it to start all over again this fall.

When we talk with admissions offices, the summer is an opportunity to regroup, assess the results of the past admissions season, and plan for the upcoming one. To help you with these efforts, we're offering Facebook Office Hours this summer. Book a half-hour session to talk with our president Mark Rothbaum about your Facebook strategy.

This is not a sales pitch. You come equipped with YOUR questions, YOUR challenges, or whatever you want to discuss that's related to Facebook and your outreach efforts for prospects and admits.

Mark will help you think through your Facebook strategy, grounding his answers in insights gleaned from Varsity Outreach's research into 700+ college and university Facebook Pages, from our annual survey of admissions professionals about their Facebook efforts, and from our experience powering dozens of Facebook Communities for admissions offices across the country.

It's an opportunity for you to pick Mark's brain (he's spent WAY too much time thinking about Facebook) and a chance for us to better understand the challenges that you grapple with every day.

We've blocked off two hours on most Monday afternoons and Friday mornings (we're on Eastern Time) throughout the summer. We hope you can find a slot that is convenient for you.

Go ahead and book a free 30-minute slot today!

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